water with sunlightIt is the same world but it is a very different world.

The other morning I was filling up my dog’s water bowl. Suddenly I was totally engrossed in the patterns the water made coming out of the faucet. They were so alive and beautiful.

I have found that living my life from my Godself has allowed me to see a world I could never have imagined.

As children we had a choice but no one ever explained our choices because the big people in our world had forgotten about the choice a long long long time ago.

The choice

We could abdicate control of our life to our mind or live our life as the god/angel we are and were always meant to remain. We chose to step into a physical body NOT to forget our divine nature but to remember and stay connected to that divinity.

You are the energy that gives life to your body. You are not your body and your brain was NEVER meant to be in control of your life.

As I live from that place of connection this physical world has taken on a richness, an amazing sense of beauty and a depth my mind was incapable of experiencing.

Join me in living in heaven here on earth where only the love is real and everything is perfect. Live from a place where loving everything equally is the only choice that makes sense.

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With love and aloha,

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