the path

I was making my breakfast the other morning and I was suddenly overwhelmed with gratitude. Most mornings I eat oatmeal that I slightly moisten the night before and put in the fridge.

I was chopping up fresh ginger and apples. While I added the papaya and coconut I realized that these amazingly delicious ingredients came from my land. And this life was the direct result of fully embracing gratitude and joy as tools in my life.

While I was teaching in Japan papayas were $6 each. Today I just go out and pick them off one of my trees. The coconuts generally fall off the tree by themselves and I cut them open revealing yummy white coconut.

As I made breakfast I was once again reminded of the power of gratitude. Once I decided to feel grateful and see the world through loving eyes my entire life transformed.

Joy and gratitude can change everything

I had spent many years studying the nature of physical reality and continued to sink deeper into depression because nothing seemed to work or make a difference. Then one day my mentor asked me what I was grateful for and I said nothing. She said, “Then you really are in trouble.”

A few days later that all changed. When I made gratitude a priority and made joy my default setting my life literally transformed completely in a matter of months.

Give yourself an amazing gift. Focus on gratitude and embrace joy. Seek joy first and be grateful. Then you too will have the life of your dreams.

With love, lots of gratitude and joy,