As you begin to connect to your true essence, to your spiritual nature it becomes easier and easier to shift gears emotionally. Toltec wisdom and most spiritual practices will eventually lead you to the awareness that you aren’t your body and that life is emotionally neutral until we tell ourselves a story about whatever just happened. At that point we realize it is our story that creates our emotions.

I have always loved Calvin and Hobbes. I ran across this comic the other day and thought how awesome. Creating the ability to pause, allow the emotions to subside and then choosing our actions is the foundation upon which personal freedom is built.

Now I have a nice visual to assist me with that process. One of my practices is to pause during the day, take a deep breath and focus my awareness internally. First I notice my thoughts, then I go a little deeper and observe my emotions then I go deeper yet and notice what I am feeling in my body.  I also practice shifting gears emotionally. I practice changing my emotions, by choice. At will, I can create any emotion I want. Practicing that skill allows me to shift gears when my filter system ‘makes me feel’ angry or afraid or at peace for that matter.

Practice stepping out of your perspective of reality and see what else you can experience!

With love and aloha,