Domination leads us endlessly toward differences, judgment, criticism and fear. As long as we live in the world of domination/duality we live in a world based on right and wrong, better than and less than. The world is filled with pain and suffering and limitations.

Dominion allows us to see the connections and similarities. Becoming one with everything and everyone is a by-product of living ones spiritual path. Yet, as we move toward a more loving perspective of life we often begin to judge violence and what we perceive as cruelty.

But, isn’t a belief in separation at the root of all cruelty and violence? Don’t we first need to feel different, detached in order to inflict pain on another?

What if we made an effort to see the similarities in everything and everyone? Everytime we judge someone or something we reinforce our sense of separation. Instead of feeling part of we tear ourselves apart just a little bit more.

My neighbors got a puppy. It barks all the time. I found myself getting more and more annoyed as I judged the puppy and the people. Then I thought about the puppy. It is allowed to do whatever it wants, when it wants. I thought of the sheer joy of being able to bark and bark and bark. Now when I hear the puppy I think of the freedom and joy it is experiencing and smile. When I remember I can focus on the puppy’s joy instead of my mind’s sense of order.

Next time you are annoyed by something see if you can see it in a different way. Walk a mile in the other’s shoes and see what happens.

With love,