That is such a simple question, the way we answer it affects our life profoundly and yet so many people I work with have difficulty with it. Generally when I ask people what they want I get a litany of what they don’t want.

Toltec wisdom reminds us of the power of our words. Ancient Hawaiian spirituality is based on the power of words. The Hawaiian language has fewer letters and had fewer words. They knew the power contained in each sound, in each word and in our intent. That is why they always lived aloha, they lived from love.

The law of attraction was a way of life for the Hawaiians, the Toltec and the ancient ones. Harnessing awareness, transformation and intent is a powerful way to consciously use the law of attraction.

When people explore the question of what they want using the three masteries, I suggest that rather than get specific, they get in touch with what a certain thing would bring into their life. If they want a relationship what would change if they had one? Often times people reply by saying they would feel loved, secure, nurtured and safe. I suggest they begin by generating those feelings on a regular basis and rather than focusing on the relationship set their intent to feel loved, safe, secure and nurtured.

Setting your intent will assist you in creating what you do want as well as seeing how you stop yourself from having it. Use your awareness to notice what you focus on most of the time. Chances are if you don’t have enough money you focus on not having more often than the feeling of abundance.

I can guarantee if you focus energetically on what you DO want, more often than on what you don’t want you will have it. Bottom line, whatever is in your life was invited into your life by your filter system and what isn’t in your life isn’t there because it isn’t consistent with your beliefs, agreements and assumptions.

A great exercise is to carry around a small pad and note whenever you have a thought or feeling about what you don’t want, Write it down with the intent of changing that feeling and then think about how it will feel when you have what you do want. Maybe even create a word picture of how you would feel living the life of your dreams and place it in the back of your pad. Read it every time you make a note of a contrary thought.

With love and aloha,

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