Recently I have had a bunch of people ask if I could post transcriptions of my videos. So here it is. I am a comment junkie so I’d love to read and respond to you. So comment away in the comment section below.

Aloha. Susan Greg here. I am going to talk about once upon a time. Now, reality is not real. It’s totally subjective, dependent upon the story you tell yourself. I remember when I first ran across that concept. It’s like, what do you mean reality’s not real? Well, we all have a story, and our experience of reality is based on that story. Change your story, change your experience.

Lately, especially, the world is interesting. Pandemic, election, hurricanes, wildfires, it just seems a bit chaotic out there, or at least to me it does. Well, depends on what I focus on. If I focus on the news and what’s going on here and there, it is chaotic. It could be scary. But when I look out my windows here, I live on the big island of Hawaii. I live on three acres of land. When I look out, all I see is jungle, except I’ve been told that they’d prefer we call it forest. Anyway, I look out, and all I see is trees, mostly tree tops because I’m on the second floor. And there’s nothing particularly chaotic about that.

I have a lot of chickens, and occasionally, it gets chaotic with them. Earlier today, I had four chickens that were trying to lay their eggs on top of my washing machine in a very small box. It was not going well for them or for me. So I chased a couple of them and I put one in another basket and she was like, “Oh, didn’t know this one was here.”

So with your life, what story are you telling yourself? I must admit, I am appalled by the violence. Appalled? Yeah. Upset by the violence. I like love, peace, and harmony, and when I watch the news, there’s not a whole lot of love, peace, and harmony on the news. But I studied with a Hawaiian elder a long time ago. One of the things she said is when you watch the news, there’s lots of opportunities to send aloha or love. And there’s lots of opportunities for us to send love. If we send judgment, we add to the not love. If we just love, love it all, and at times loving it all is, how shall I say. I don’t want to say difficult. It takes practice. And of course, spiritual practices all take practice, so it’s a good thing.

Of course, there was no bad things. There’s just what is, and then we tell ourselves a story, and we decide whether it’s good or bad. I’ve gotten some feedback on my videos, and one person had the opinion that my background was way too chaotic. I happen to like my altar. I don’t think it’s particularly chaotic. I must admit, I took a lot of stuff off my altar. And if I move to the other side of the frame, all you see is my angel.

So life is … What do you want more of in your life? If I want to be upset – Do I want to be right? Or do I want to be happy? It’s one of my favorite questions. And to be honest, I’d much rather be happy. Lots of stories out there. We’re gearing up for an election, which should be a very interesting experience. I have rather strong opinions about what I want to see happen, and other people have very strong opinions about what they want to see happen. And after the election, we’ll find out who had the stronger opinion. Who won? Who lost?

So in your life, asking yourself, do you want to be right? Or do you want to be happy? And what is it you really want to create more of? I prefer more peace, harmony, love, and expansion. So that’s mostly what I experienced. There’s a weed, a particular weed that grows on my property, and it’s very, very prolific. And I don’t find anything about it particularly redeeming because I spend a lot of time pulling it. And this morning, it was funny, I was pulling it and I was thinking to myself, “You know, well, at least if the bees ate it, it would serve a useful purpose.” And with that, I looked over, and this little honeybee came buzzing along and started feeding on one of the flowers. So it’s like, okay, serves a useful purpose. Yeah.

What stories do you tell yourself on a regular basis? Is it hard? Is it easy? Is it fun? Is it exciting? Is it expansive? Do you contract? Fear, love? Becoming aware of your once upon a time and creating a once upon a time that creates an outcome that you really want. That’s my thing for today. Hope you have an absolutely awesome whatever it is for you, day, evening, morning, night, whatever. And until next time, I say, aloha.

And just remember the only thing that’s real is love. You are love. You are loved. You are lovable. And you swim in a sea of love. And if you focus on that love, it makes a big difference.

So ’till next time, aloha.