I was teaching class last night and posted this message to my apprentice group – I don’t usually cross post but I thought I would – if you haven’t read the book Running From Safety by Richard Bach I highly recommend it.

Last night was a very powerful class for me – as I said the meditation allowed my thought process to open up and have one of those aha moments. And as ‘magic’ and synchronicity are part of my life after class I was reading Richard Bach’s book Running From Safety and read the following passage – and it was so right on . . . And remember I was talking about the energy behind the words – healing can be used from the role of victim or as a master of creation energy – it is all about the energy we apply to anything.

When we walk into Lease-a-life, what do we expect to rent? we can check out unlimited worlds of appearance, we can buy births and death, we can shop for tragedy and delight and disaster and peace and terror and nobility and cruelty and heaven and hell, we can take home our beliefs, savor them in excruciating searing joyful delicious microscopic detail. But before time and after, through every moment Life is and we are. The one thing we fear most is the one thing that is not possible. We cannot die, we cannot be destroyed.

“We Are” says his inner child – “so what?”

“You tell me Dickie. What’s the difference between victims of circumstance, trapped in lives they didn’t ask for and masters of choice, leading lives they can change at will?”

Victims are helpless (and need to heal their lives) Master’s aren’t (and they can make new choices at will)

With love,