It is really important to remember the facts, contrary to your beliefs or your experience of life so far:

  1. You are limitless
  2. You are perfect
  3. You have the power to do anything
  4. You can create what you want when you want
  5. Anything is possible
  6. If you believe it you can do it
  7. You have the power
  8. You are totally limitless by nature

I just want to remind you again because chances are your filter system has helped you create a very different experience of reality. It is time for you to allow your true nature to surface and create your experience of reality from that loving, expansive limitless place. So how do you get there?

Guided Meditations: another powerful tool of change

Meditation in any form is an incredibly powerful tool of transformation. Guided meditations are another form of meditation. Meditation allows our limitless nature to bob to the surface, remember it takes effort to believe and experience limitations. You are limitless by nature. So making meditation a daily part of your routine will make a big difference in your life.

Guided meditations help to distract your filter system and your habitual thinking long enough for you to experience the real version of reality. There are probably millions of guided meditations available out there. I have a number of free ones on my web site and shortly there will be a lot more. The nice part about guided meditations is, the words also take you on a journey—a journey that can deepen your connection with your limitless spirit.

Looking ahead: The book I had the most fun writing was The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Short Meditations. It contains 60+ meditations that you can use to let go of your filter system. The book has been out of print for some time, but I have some good news brewing on that front and will say more about it soon.

Listening to Some Quiet, Soothing Music

Another way to quiet your mind long enough to feel your limitless nature is to listen to soft, soothing music. I find flute music very soothing … find your favorite music, focus your attention on it, relax and connect with the ‘real’ you. Let your mind chatter on, ignore what it is saying and tune in to the music.

Looking ahead: I have been experimenting with binaural beats in some of my guided meditations and they add an interesting depth to music and to the meditation. You’ll be hearing more about this soon too, so stay tuned. 😉

In the Short Term…

I’ve put together a little bundle of tools to help you out this summer. It includes the music CD I created with Devakant and my audio program on meditation plus some other helpful extras. The special bundle is only available for 3 days starting today…

Summer Music and Meditation Special

With love and aloha,