By changing how we think we change our lives

By being loving we feel better

By offering love instead of fear we make our corner of the world a little bit better

Life is all about change, we can embrace it or fight but regardless change happens

Happiness is always just a thought away

We can think that thought no matter what is happening in our lives

Choosing happiness takes practice

Life is and then we tell ourselves a story, our experience is based on our story

We can change our stories

Life is a grand adventure and a fatal disease (our bodies all die we don’t)

You are an energy that gives life to your body

You are a spirit, a ghost from the ethereal realms meant to have fun

There are no tests in life just opportunities to connect with our spirit or our mind

We are limitless, all of our limits arise in our minds

Our choice is love or fear, love gets more enjoyable results

You are the creator of your life

You are one with everyone and everything

Life can be elegantly easy and effortless (I love the sound of that)

Care to add a few of your own?

With love and aloha,