crocus and snowWhen I lived in Vermont spring and crocus always amazed me. Before you knew it these tiny flowers would emerge from beneath the earth. Sometimes I’d wake up in the morning to see a fresh blanket of snow and as the sun warmed the earth again the tiny splashes of color would emerge.

As far as I know no one had to tell the flowers what to do they just followed their inner being. You too have an inner being.

Your true inner being –

the essence of who and what you are

You are:

  • a limitless being of light
  • pure love, light and laughter
  • anything is possible if you believe
  • you are the energy that gives life to your body
  • joy and happiness are your birthright
  • only the love is real and you are pure love
  • magic and miracles can be part of everyday life

What if you fully embraced these truths and the simply allowed your life to unfold?

What do you think would happen?
What would you be doing?

Imagine and then share your imagings in the comment section. I look forward to reading what you imagine is possible.

With love and aloha,