In the Toltec tradition there are two ways of accessing information – stalkers just know or receive a block of information while dreamers have visions or dreams about information. When I was a student I often felt like I was missing something when we would do a meditation. I wouldn’t see images like many of the other students. Eventually I realized I was a stalker – I seldom saw images, but I often had insights and an awareness that transcended my thought process.

One way to view life is as a dream. In lucid dreaming the dreamer awakens in the dream and can begin to direct the dream instead of passively wandering through the dreamscape. I think of life as an opportunity to live lucidly. If we awaken in the dream of our life we can begin to actively create our experience, we can choose our actions rather than reacting to life.

Whether we are a stalker or a dreamer we still see life through our filter system. We never experience life directly. Once we realize that we can begin to awaken, we can begin to see our filter system for what it is and modify it. The more clearly we see our filter system the more easily we can transform our life. Seeing the dream rather than being caught up in it is a process that allows us to move toward personal freedom.

We are free, but only once we know what freedom really is.

With love,

Life is but a dream – make it a great one!

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