Life can be filled with ease no matter what is happening around us or we can be overwhelmed and totally stressed out. The choice is ours and it is a choice we tend to make with our habitual thinking.

What if:

  • Before you went to bed at night you set your intent to wake up filled with a sense of excitement and ease?
  • You decided to smile first thing in the morning, stretch and just lovingly ease into your day?
  • Before you feet hit the floor you decided today would be filled with magic and miracle?
  • You looked into the mirror, smiled and said  love you?

How you start your day really sets the tone for the rest of the day. Why not start the day fully aware of your awesomeness and go from their. If your mind wants to worry about something thank it for sharing.

Try it for a few days and see what happens. And remember you can start your day over anytime. When you find yourself stressed start your day over by focusing on joy, peace, happiness and love.

We all swim in a sea of love, so let it in and allow your thoughts to be guided by love and not fear.

If you want some help doing that you might get a copy of my latest book Happiness the Skill: 5 Easy Steps for Enjoying Your Life.

My next podcast should be out next week finally!

Love to see your thoughts and feelings about the What ifs in the comment section.

With love and aloha,