red moon LizaLife was never meant to be a place where we have to learn lessons, struggle, experience despair or feel a lack of love.

I truly  believe life is a gift, a place where we are invited to wake up to our true nature and have fun!

Life is and then we tell ourselves a story. My friend Liza Brown took this beautiful picture of the moon the other day. It was very big and bright and definitely red.

Imagine the stories people may have told centuries ago if they looked up and saw a red moon! A red moon could have started mass hysteria and stories about evil lurking may have been seen as a bad omen.

This time most people knew it was coming and were looking forward to seeing it. To some it was a scientific fact while others attributing mystical meaning to it. I thought it was beautiful and reminded me of the mystery of life.

So back to suffering

Where does suffering come from? All of our emotions, including suffering come from our inner dialog, what we are telling ourselves about what is going on in our life.

I confess I like taking an afternoon respite and I often watch Dr. Phil. The other day he said perception is reality. I couldn’t agree more!

I am convinced that life in a physical body is meant to be an ecstatic experience.
Shakti Gwain

For years I have been showing people how to gently change their filter system. I define our filter system as our beliefs, agreements, assumptions and attitudes. Once we change our filter system we no longer have to suffer. Suffering becomes a thing of the past, an option we may no longer choose.

Life is emotionally neutral

Nothing in life has an emotion inherently attached to it. There really is no such thing as THE TRUTH, an ultimate this is right and that is wrong. Everything is relative, our experience and our choices are all based on our filter system.

Once we realize that, our lives become amazingly beautiful works of art, pleasing, and full of love and abundance. When we change our filter system the results in our lives change dramatically.

Love attracts love and fear attracts fear.

Are you willing?

Will you explore your filter system and change those beliefs that limit you? Or would you rather be right instead of happy?

Once I realized all of my experiences were based on my filter system I became more and more wiling to change them. But seeing your own filter system can be a challenge.

After all both my parents were alcoholics so of course I had issues. My dad abused me and . . . The story goes on and on but once I realized the result of holding onto that story I became wiling to see things differently.

Sure my dad yelled a lot and was very judgmental but there were times he was loving. As I became willing to focus on the loving times and let go of the judgmental times MY life changed.

There were lots of yeah buts in the process but my mentor was adamant I was the one that needed to change. With the help of my mentor I let go of my limiting beliefs, my past and stepped into a life of limitless possibilities.

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