Summer Solstice

Summer solstice is the longest day of the year. In Hawaii the length of the days change very little. When I lived in Vermont in the summer it stayed light well into the evening and in the winter got dark early in the afternoon. The changing length of the days depends where you are in relationship to the equator. Ones location on the earth definitely affects a person’s experience of the earth’s journey around the sun.

To me it is one more reminder there is no such thing as reality. Everything is based on our perspective about reality. If we change our perspective what we think of as reality changes as well. There are no absolutes except maybe that there are absolutely no absolutes and even that isn’t absolute.

Pause as you move through the day and ask yourself, “How could I see this differently?” Even if you like what you see try to see it differently. Observe any attachment you have to seeing things positively or resistance you might have to seeing things negatively.Also notice your habitual perspective. How do you see the people in your life, traffic, pollution, the price of things, love, and judgmental people? Watch the news and celebrate. Just for today stand in a different place on the circle and see the world through a new pair of eyes.

Personal freedom is merely a matter of perspective. All of our limitations are created by our thoughts.

With love,