When I was a young girl I hated Sundays. My parents would always have a fight and then my dad would storm out of the house. He would go hang out with his buddies, playing hand ball and drinking while my mom spent the day entertaining her mom and dad. Come to think of it I never heard them say they were sorry, make up or act loving toward one another.

Today it is raining and the house is quiet. My dad just woke up and gave me a sweet smile on his way to the bathroom. At this stage his Alzheimer’s is changing him into a sweet, kind little boy.

I changed the way I felt about Sundays by Recapitulating and by creating my own Sunday rituals. I usually go to the Makuu Farmer’s Market, but due to the rains they are closed today.

I woke up angry this morning, something I haven’t done in a long time. At least today I know all of my emotions are self generated and not ‘real’ or valid. As I drove to the farmer’s market I saw the most beautiful rainbow. When I found out they were closed I laughed. I could have used it as an excuse to continue being angry or to simply enjoy the drive and the rainbow.

The stronger my emotional reactions the more freedom I have when I finally see the limiting belief that are creating the emotions. Today I saw that my little control urchin had reared her angry head so I invited her to take a long nap.

Most of the people on the Big Island have catchment water. We catch rain water since we have no municipal water. I drove by a water truck parked by the side of the road advertising its services. I thought, “Not much business today.” When it hasn’t rained for a while and water tanks are getting empty finding someone to deliver is quite a chore.

The tide is in and the tide is out. Floods are followed by droughts followed by rain. Life is a journey best savored in the moment, no matter what the moment contains. I am dedicated to building a well in Africa where people have no clean water. It is amazing how all these events are linked together into the incredible gift of my life.

With love and aloha,