Connecting to our spiritual center and surrendering our small self to the magnificence of our spirit can be an arduous journey. It is journey in which we achieve personal freedom, but demands we let go – that we surrender completely and totally.

Our fearful small self wants to be in control and maintain its worlds view at any cost. Being in control may look like a life totally out of control – it may mean descending into addictive substances, thoughts or behaviors. An addict may look like they are out of control, but in fact the addiction allows the person to avoid that quantum leap – that moment when we become whole and let go of the illusion that we are a limited being powerless over the vast universe called physical reality.

We are master illusionists, playing with life until we are finally willing to embrace the reality that we are god pretending to be a separate when we have always been one. You are me, I am you and we are one is the truth no matter how hard we pretend otherwise.

One story I can tell myself is that here I am joyously jumping from life time to life time, playing, exploring, experimenting, at times deepening my awareness of what I am not while at times joyously savoring the experience of who and what I really am. I am everything and nothing, the alpha and the omega, expansive, unconditional love and oneness and desolate, terrifying aloneness. I am everywhere and no where. I am and I am not, I don’t exist. Duality allows me to see more of myself in a universe where only I exist.

So surrendering – really letting go and stepping fully into the moment – that moment where I cease to exist. We are all one – if we are all one and there is no separation there is no I. The existence of I creates separation. So the moment we fully surrender we cease to exist, so we avoid the truth at any cost. We tenaciously hold onto having some sort of identity, we hold onto to separation and pretend to want to experience being one.

Early on in my spiritual explorations I went hang gliding. It was a tandem jump. The instructor explained things thoroughly, what to expect, what to do and not do. We were on the top of a 60 foot cliff overlooking the ocean. We ran and jumped off the cliff, the kite plummeted for about five feet before it caught the wind and we started to fly. It was an incredible experience, terrifying and at the same existence exhilarating. While attached to that hang glider we flew up and down the coast, I got to see dolphins, a hawk flying upwards in a thermal below us, lots of incredible scenery and then we landed back on the cliff where we began.

Each moment in life is an opportunity to deepen our connection with our spirit or our mind and filter system. If and when we finally become willing to jump off the cliff into the unknown territory of surrendering to our spirit we get to experience a life free of limitations. Our choices in life can create the willingness to let go fully and completely, but then there is that terrifying moment of free fall. Our emotional pain can give us the willing to let go of what we think we know and surrender.

Once we let go of our mind’s perception we can begin to be more fully present in the moment. There is so much written about living in the moment, but how do we do that? What ‘do’ we do to ‘be’ in the moment? How do we learn to live our lives moment by moment, fully present, totally and complete aware of our connection? How can we live from that sense of connection?

There is no error that as a species we are called human beings not human doings. There is nothing to ‘do’ to ‘be’ in the moment. We can’t think ourselves into the moment, thinking actually prevents us from being in the moment. The moment is beyond time and beyond thoughts – the moment exists in the space between our thoughts, in the silence beyond words and in the warm embrace of our soul.

Surrendering or letting go of what we know is a gateway to being in the present moment. Breathe deeply and sink down, allow yourself to ‘feel’ that connection to your soul – allow yourself to be one with your spirit. Let go of your thoughts and surrender, let go, breathe deeply and feel. Quiet your mind and pray for the willingness to let go and simply be. Breathe and let go of control, let go of any ideas of how it should be, what it should look like. Breathe and let go of any thoughts until you can just be.

Spiritual practices take practice. Practice letting go, practice surrendering, breathe and let go. See where your breath takes you. Part of surrendering is not controlling where your are going, letting go of where your breath will take. With curiosity and willingness surrender and see where your breath takes you.

Enjoy the process or fight it or judge it or . . . whatever. Whatever is in the moment is your creation, embrace it and let go.

With love,

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