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Swans are so graceful. This morning I went to the water to feed them and walked up to one that was sitting on the shore. They are rather large and he immediately started to hiss at me. Since I was there to feed them I thought that was an interesting reaction.

I am teaching a great deal about filter systems so I though about how his response was so much like our minds. Someone is there to love us and we react with anger because we are threatened by their definition of love. We want to be happy but we want happiness to show up in the way we want it to show up. So, we dismiss happiness when it shows up in a different form.

I feed the swans and watched in fascination as they did their dance with each other and the people that came to feed them. They were swans and we were people coming to feed them. We each had our own beliefs, agreements and assumptions. There was a young baby watching with complete fascination. Her eyes were huge and her concentration absolute. She had no thoughts, just complete abandon to the experience. What a gift. She reminded me that I can think about an experience or immerse myself it, savor it completely and I can just be alive in the moment.

One of the workshop participants was taken away to the hospital this morning. She had lost her grasp on reality and begun to live in a fantasy world filled with personal demons. I watched the baby, the swans and thought of her. Life is and then we tell ourselves a story. It is a beautiful day here in Lithuania. Later today I will do a beautiful ceremony, the swans will still be gliding in the lake, the baby will probably be sleeping and this woman will be in the hospital. You are sitting wherever you are reading this. We are all living in different worlds, in different places and in different times yet we are still all connected by these words.

No matter how hard we try to convince ourselves that we are separate being, in the end we are all one and we are all god. Have a wonderful day unless you have plans otherwise and then have whatever type of day you have chosen. I find it helps me to remember I can choose to start my day over whenever I want. Heaven and hell are always just a thought away.

With love and aloha from Lithuania,


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