Jay Stinnett Global Retreat Coordinator, Sedona Mago Retreat Center

Susan Gregg’s (work) is a recapitulation of the techniques and procedures we did together more than 20 years ago. The practices served as a guide for her incredible spiritual growth.Her life was completely transformed. Susan found the strength and courage to face all the fears and beliefs that used to guide her life into drama and emotional pain.Her gratitude for that transformation is so great that Susan has decided to share everything she learned with whomever wants to take advantage of her mastery. She has decided to take apprentices of her own, to guide them to personal freedom as I did with her.

The Toltec Way holds the keys to transformation. If you decide to practice these techniques, they will guide you to your personal freedom, to your happiness, to your self-realization

Don Miguel Ruiz

Author of The Four Agreements

. . . Since my decision to study with Dr. Susan Gregg about five years ago, I have been watching myself grow. Just simply practicing the exercises and listening with my heart to her direction I have been able to move from a fearful and contracted existence to an open-hearted, connected beingness. Susan is masterful in guiding me to self empowerment and love for all of me and life.

Stephanie Simpson

I’ve learned how I can start creating the life I want to. I’m more open, I’m more loving to myself and others . . .

Robbie Rorison

I was at a crossroads in my life when I started working with Susan and my life has blossomed… her classes, new books and other teachings have taken me much deeper and I am much more successful personally and professionally.

Patti Buchanan

There is an ease and a flow to my life that has emerged during my intensive program with Susan. Her loving observations and insightful questioning have deepened my capability to truly accept what is happening in my life. From this — and the suggestions she has offered me — so much has been revealed that I have let go of. I have stepped through a doorway of understanding that I know will remain with me for the rest of my life and am looking forward to what is yet to be revealed. I so enjoy having her as an ally on my journey to wholeness and balance.

Ann Roberts

Conscious Development

I’ve been working directly with Susan for over a year now… Susan has a real knack for getting to the heart of the matter very quickly and giving me many “oh, yeah” moments.

Debbie Gillies

When I began the apprenticeship with Susan, I came with years of study and processing under my belt. I felt like a broken record. I didn’t know why I thought this would be any different… except the gentle simplicity that I sensed in this process. A year later I can say that I have brought about change both in the way I “do” life and in who I am in the world. I’m now playing a different tune, one of my own choosing. I did the work and Susan was the signpost. During retreats I can say that Susan is someone who walks her talk.


Santa Barbara, CA

To anyone considering taking the Toltec Path with Susan as a guide, I would highly recommend it. It has been a year since I started the apprentice program and my life is quite changed. My life is full of ease. I have far less drama in present time and less anger about my childhood. I am appreciative of what I have right now. It has been a fun ride with wonderful people to connect with and great retreats. Susan is the quiet presence of love. What she inspires is love in one’s self. It’s a simple, but challenging concept, but she give us tools to achieve it. Step-by-step it takes hold. My journey is not over, but I feel that I am awaiting take off. I look forward to flight and another retreat

Liza Brown

Sausalito, CA

I have been apprenticing with Susan for a year now and from the start, the changes in me were noticeable to my friends and family. Susan has said that there is no “magic pill” for healing, but I’ve found through her teachings that WE are the “magic pill”. Susan is a true teacher, empowering you with her gifts, love and support. What she offers will transform your life forever


High Point, NC

The Toltec wisdom path in the tradition of Miguel Ruiz is a powerful school of self-change, freedom of consciousness and self aware action. In this tradition you’ll discover balance, inner happiness, freedom to act well, and ethical rectitude. Toltec master teacher Susan Gregg studied with Miguel Ruiz, and has been teaching for over 30 years. She carries on the tradition she was personally tutored in by Miguel Ruiz at his San Diego home in the 1980’s. Call Susan today to start a fruitful conversation.

In the late 1980’s Susan was apprenticed for several years to Don Miguel Ruiz in San Diego, California. She studied closely with Miguel and his mother (Sarita) at a time when he was not well known, and well before he wrote his worldwide influential book. She’s one of several, special teachers with Miguel Ruiz at the beginning. He was teaching in Spanish at that time—not English—a further challenge for Susan.

Susan’s apprenticeship started while she was experiencing great suffering and catastrophic events (including addictions) in her personal and professional life. These hardships developed in her a strong, innate empathy for others.

Susan’s evolving as a person with real problems, and eventually being a serious student and later an empowered teacher of Miguel Ruiz’s teachings, gives her with a deep faculty to understand, touch and teach people. Toltec wisdom master teacher designates the individual as a master of the ancient Toltec path, a condition of self-mastery as an outcome of understanding and practicing the Toltec knowledge at the highest level. Day by day, hour after hour. Serving as a teacher is Susan’s dedicated purpose in life. She has created a rich menu of insights and practices to personally guide her students or interested individuals.