I was deeply moved by the Amish killings and then I asked myself, “Do I choose to see through the eyes of love or fear?”

Everything is pono until we think otherwise. What ‘is’ is pono unless you tell yourself otherwise. Are the deaths of those six people pono? They are unless I judge the events in some way and decide to see them through the eyes of my judgment. I thought it was wonderful that the Amish went to his family and forgave them – if the death of those 6 people helped us see forgiveness as a sane choice WOW!!

When we CHOOSE to see anything as less than pono – what an egotistical, holier than thou attitude. How can I say that a spirit’s choice of experiences is any less than perfect?

Our choices are sane or insane – what drives people to make insane choices??? Since I define sane choices as ones made from a place of connection and insane choices as ones made from a place of disconnect . . .

Do I look at the world and see more insanity – more people disconnected – YES and it is still pono. What if it is the violence that tips the scales? What if each of those murders and rapists are enlightened beings showing us the true fruit of our judgments? What if each act of violence is a request – “Have you seen the result of your choice to see the world through the eyes of your judgmental small self yet?”

Viewing violence as perfect is a spiritual stretch. But has millennium of judging it and passing laws decreased the violence? Maybe if we follow the example of the Amish the world might become a different place.

It is a challenging way to view things? – absolutely. Spiritual practices take practice – the question is what are you practicing love and acceptance or judgment and fear?

With love,

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