orchid show and new fish 019I went to the Orchid Show here in Hilo yesterday. Each flower was more beautiful than the next. It was amazing to see all the orchids people had created with a great deal of patience and expertise. So many variations of shapes sizes and colors. There was even a black orchid.

It is amazing what we can create if we decide too. I imagine none of these people were born knowing how to create these beautiful flowers yet they had developed the necessary skills,

This ability is true of any endeavor in life, even if it is to be happier, feel loved, release stress or have more money.
The questions we must always answer are:

what do we really want? what really matters to us?
what are we willing to do to achieve what we want?

Once we are clear about those questions it is a simple matter of taking the necessary steps, taking actions consistent with what we want.

orchid show and new fish 023So what do you really want?

I am sure the people that created those amazing orchids didn’t just sit around wishing. I imagine first they learned about orchids, maybe even found a mentor to study with and then took actions, perhaps failed and then took actions again. They created an orchid they were proud of and then took the risk of entering the show.

I talked to one woman who made incredible quilts. They were gorgeous and after I admired them I said I hope lots of people decide they have to have them and buy them from her. She thanked me and then shared that the first tow years she sold them very few people bought one. Then she realized they WERE beautiful and stopped focusing on selling them and just connected with the people. Ever since then she sells many, many quilts at each show.

Actions and focusing our attention on love, love of ourselves, love of others and love for what we do. As the saying goes, “If you don’t have the job you love, love the job you have.”

With love and aloha,

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