To observe any particle, smaller particles must first be reflected off it. When that happens the location and the speed of the particle is affected. We all have the ability to explore potential realities and then decide which one we will create. The one that we give the majority of our attention to is the one that most likely manifests.

What if you ‘knew’ you were going to die in three weeks? Would you spend all your money? Would you give everything away? What would you do? But what if that ‘knowing’ was based on faulty information? What if three weeks came and you were still alive?

Judgment Day: May 21, 2011

I recently read an article about a Christian family, the parents believe in the rapture. They stopped working and have spent all their time spreading the word about judgment day. Since their children wouldn’t help them they told them they were going to be doomed to hell with the rest of the evil non-believers. What kind of a future are they creating?

I could be wrong but I doubt that God or the creative force of the universe judges. I doubt that only one religion will go to heaven and everyone else will go to hell. Is the end of the world coming? I doubt it will arrive on October 21, 2011 either. Planet earth may stop supporting human beings at some point in the future and a different species may become the dominant one but who knows?

Okay I will  get off my soap box now…..

A prediction I am pretty sure of but I could be wrong …

According to the Toltec tradition the world is a vast energy system. Love expands, fear contracts. If we focus on love, acceptance and joy our lives will expand. If we focus on fear, judgment and anger our lives will contract. And will that prediction affect your life? I hope so.

My favorite prediction is that if you do random acts of kindness on a regular basis  you will feel good and so will others.

With love and aloha,