book and clock

The you that started reading this post is different from the person that just read this sentence. We are constantly changing, cells are born and others die, our thoughts change and time marches on, never stopping, always moving forward and never going backwards. Except at times we distract ourselves by focusing on the past.

So, to me the question then becomes, “What “I” do I want to be, moment by moment?”

Do you want to be the “I” that is loving and gentle?

The “I” surrounded by loving, supportive friends and colleges?

The “I” that wakes up excited about the day and loves everything about your life?

or The “I” that feels unloved and believes that life sucks?

How you focus your attention and what you focus on is what creates each of those outcomes.

Practice paying attention to your thoughts. When they are less than loving and expansive, simply change what you are thinking about and how you are thinking about what is.

You can change the “I” and what is happening in your life by simply changing your thoughts. It takes practice and the more you practice the easier it is to shift gears.

So, what you are you going to focus your attention on right now?

Wow, what a great idea, I can do that and will do it.
Or that will never work for me???

Thought by thought we create the “I” that shows up in our life and you can change your thoughts!

Love to see your thoughts and questions in the comment section.

With love and aloha,