IMG_2101[1]I have this amazing wind chime. It has a very pleasing harmonic sound, with deep resonance and the sounds seem to go on and on forever. I can’t see the wind that invites it to sing but I can certainly hear the result of that wind.

The wind is very much like our thoughts. Our thoughts are invisible but we can see the results of them in the events in our life. Thanks to the wind I can see the bamboo sway, the leaves rustle and hear my wind chimes. You can look at your life and see the result of your habitual thoughts.

You are an incredible being of love and light and laughter. You are divinity made manifest in your body. If you align with that energy your life will become a beautiful work of art.

Are you ready to stop thinking and begin living a life filled with magic and miraculous events?

When you are ready to change your life, let me know, I can help.

With love and aloha,