yellow roseFunny how the mind works. My love of roses took me on an interesting mental journey this morning.

This spring I bought a yellow rose bush. It was bare root so it has taken a while to flower. Yesterday I picked three flowers and put them on the window sill in the kitchen.

As I was standing by the sink lost in thought I had an ah ha. I found myself thinking about the power of creation and what a miracle these beautiful roses were.

In an instant I was mussing about how they came to be out of the great nothingness and how I had come to be standing in front of this sink.

How had this beautiful, sweet smelling rose come to be?

The short story is I love roses. I ordered a rose bush from the mainland, planted it, nurtured it, and now I have beautiful wonderfully smelling flowers.

My mind went well beyond that story. It was pondering the thought:

How do we create reality?

If you are at all familiar with my work you know there are a few beliefs I hold dear:

  1. That only the love is real
  2. You are loved, you are lovable and you are love
  3. You are the creator of your reality
  4. You are limitless, all of your limitations are created by your filter system
  5. Retrain your mind (filter system) and transform your life

I had to stop myself at five. Guess there are more than a few!

My birthday was yesterday and it was wonderful. As I look around my world I am amazed at how absolutely awesome my creation is.

When I began my spiritual journey, my journey of healing, holiness and wholeness I could never have imagined my life being so amazing, but here I am.

What dreams have you been putting off?

I started out depressed, hopeless and suicidal. Now I own a beautiful home in Hawaii, love what I am doing and help others create the life of their dreams.

What changed? My ability to love, myself, my past and the amazing nature of reality.

My birthday gift to you . . .

As Bea pointed out to me this morning, giving you a gift seems to be becoming an annual thing.  If you register early (before October 9th) you will receive a $75 discount.

On October 14th, the 35th anniversary of my mother’s death I will be starting a 4 week class. At the time, my mother’s death was a shocking tragedy but now I see it as the beginning of my journey toward freedom, happiness and joy.

The class is tentatively called: Radical Transformation: Relationships that really work. (I subtitled it When the Fairy Godmother goes Silent you Really Need to Listen)

Stay tuned for more details, this class will give you useful tools to help you consciously create lots of love, more money and anything else you’d like to manifest.

This class will be a reminder that life is really all about relationships:

It’s about your relationship with one another
It’s about your relationship with money
It’s about your relationship this love
It’s about your relationship with time
It’s about your relationship with health
It’s about your relationship others, the world
It’s about your relationship with life

Have an amazing weekend!

Sending you a big hug,