With all that is happening around us these days it is easy to get caught up in fear, with the panicky energy of what’s next, and forget that we are magical beings of love and light and laughter. As I write those words my thought was, “Now, that sounds corny.”

Think about how it feels when you feel loved, generally it feels expansive and safe. When you are worried or fearful our body contracts and doesn’t feel good.

Love expands while fear contracts. What we think about most we tend to attract. If we worry a lot we attract more things to worry about. BUT if we remember we are love, we are loved and we swim in a sea of love the results we get are very different.

The moment, this moment is the place where magic lives. What do  I mean by magic? Magic is our ability to consciously create what we DO want.

I view what is going on in our world right now as an opportunity to reset. As a species we haven’t been very kind to the planet or each other for that matter. Love or fear. Seems like we have been choosing fear more often than love.

So perhaps take time each day to focus on gratitude and love, see what happens in your life.

Sending lots of love, gratitude, magic and miracles your way,