mirror mirrorA few months ago I was sitting in the living room and had the passing thought that it was time for me to write another book.  It was a thought that came and went but there was a niggle, a familiar feeling in my stomach.

Shortly after that I got an email from Penguin Publishing asking me if I would be interested in rewriting my book on Short Meditations. I answered an immediate yes.

So, the tentative title of my new book is Mindful Meditations.The magic of Intent at work.


Intent is a powerful force in our lives always working, either consciously or unconsciously. In an odd sort of way the huge gift of this pandemic has been time, often lots of time to see what I call our filter system in three dimensional,, physical reality.

If we don’t like what is, then to be effective in creating something else, we must change our filter system. Life gives us the opportunity to see our beliefs in three dimensional physical reality.

If we believe change is hard it will be hard. If we believe we are a limitless being of love and light and laughter that is what we will experience.

What do you want to experience more of?

What a relief when we realize we don’t have to change the world, we only have to change the way we see the world. So, what does that mean in your life?

People are homeless and dying of starvation while other people have enough money to fly into space, in their own spaceship. In a sense they live in different worlds, one of lack while others have money to burn.

What do you want to create more of
or less of in your life?

me-at-artsWith love and aloha,


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