Each of us have our own personal mythology and it is what creates our personal reality. In broad strokes, that mythology is either love based or fear based.

Becoming aware of that mythology and changing it is the key to having an amazing life. I think of our mytholgy as our filter system, our beliefs, agreements, assumptions and attitude.

I call it a filter system because we literally see life through it. Seeing life through our filter system is like looking at life through a distorted funhouse mirror. All of our limitations as well as our gifts arise from our filter system.

Our Wounds

We often spend much of our time avoiding our wounded self. We walk carefully through life, avoiding old pain while stopping ourselves from experiencing incredible gifts, love and happiness.

Our wounds contain some of our most powerful gifts. When we allow ourselves to do a deep dive into those old wounds, we begin to see how really powerful we are, how amazing our skills are and what unique gifts we possess.

The Questions We Ask

The questions you ask yourself have a profound affect on the quality of your life. Why questions are one of the most inviting and useless questions we can ask ourselves.

When people ask me ‘why’ somthing happened my response is often, “why not” or because ‘y’ is a crocked letter. Pursuing ‘why’ is the same as watching a dog chasing its tail, gets you no where.

What can I do or how can I change this will get you much further. My favorite questions are:

What would love do?

How can I see this through the eyes of love?

Where will this choice take me?
Am I listening to my spirit or my filter system?

You Ready to “See” Your Personal Mythology Clearly?

I have a question for you, “What do you really want to create in your life? More love, incredible abundance, time to do what you want when you want, start an animal rescue, or you fill in the blank.

No matter what you want to create it all starts with loving yourself enough to allow yourself have it.

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With love and aloha,