When I first began to explore my spiritual path I was very impatient. I wanted to get some where. I wanted to get it – whatever it was. My journey was definitely about a destination and not about enjoying the process. I have since realized that life is all about being in the moment and enjoying the process – if that is your choice. The basis of personal freedom is choice. We are always free to choose but only after we realize we are free to choose and exercise that freedom.

Our most daunting issues are actually our greatest gifts. The more resistance we have to choosing freedom the greater our opportunity is to see our filter system. Personal freedom, however we define it, is the result of making the choice to develop new habits and routines and new ways of ‘seeing’ life. The gift of those ‘really deep issues’ is that it demands that we deepen our awareness and our intent.

We create success by developing daily practices and having the discipline and dedication to make them non-negotiable. Often the quality of our lives depends on the questions we ask ourselves. Why is a dead end question – these questions might just get you what you want – if what you want is more joy, freedom and happiness.

What is it you want to create in your life?

What is it you want to experience more of every day and what steps do you need to take to achieve that?

How do you stop yourself from taking these actions?

With love,