By Barrie Davenport

A-Proven-Method-e14216801719841 I’ve had the good fortune of working with many amazing coaching clients, people eager to make positive change in their lives. But to this day, there’s one client whose courage and tenacity simply blows me away.

When she hired me, this client wanted to work on building her own business. She was smart, articulate, and ready for change — but there was something standing in her way of success.

My client was obese — weighing over 400 pounds. I knew she would never achieve her goals if she didn’t first address the weight.

Long story short, my client made a huge internal shift and began changing her habits one by one. In just two years, she lost over 200 pounds, started her business, met the man of her dreams, and got married. Her success was amazing — but not without setbacks, frustrations, and difficulties.

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