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The quality of our lives really depends upon the questions we ask ourselves. I have a very dear friend who has been on welfare for many years. I was talking with her the other day and was very aware of her inner dialog. We were talking about an issue she was having with her landlord and as she explained the situation she kept saying, “I don’t know why he is like that and I don’t understand why I keep creating situations like this.” Not once did she seem willing to explore solutions. Because of her filter system she is convinced she is a victim and her life reflects that belief.

If we want to get different results in our life we have to be willing to let go of our old beliefs and be willing to ask ourselves new questions. I knew about beliefs for a long time, but it took me a while to realize what a profound effect our internal questions have on our life.

Luckily I realized long ago that ‘why’ only gave me a lot of excuses and rationalizations that helped me stay the same. So when one of my students ask me why I at times answer why not or because why is a crocked letter. Those answers are often more useful because they stop the useless pursuit.

When I play with these questions I enjoy the results I get:

What DO I want to create?

What other choice can I make right now?

Is this a familiar response and do I like the outcome it creates?

Do I want to be right or do I want to be happy?

How can I see this through the eyes of love?

What would love do?

And at times the simple act of taking a long, slow, deep breath allows me to reconnect with myself and let go of my old, limiting perspective.

So what do you want? I enjoy having this blog and would love your feedback. As with my podcast I love it when people send me questions. Quite often the questions people invite me to explore are extremely helpful in my life so I get to benefit as well. Feel free to e mail me at with any questions.

The latest episode of my podcast Food for the Soul was just posted. I recorded it in England shortly after I had done a series of powerful ceremonies in Stonehenge, Avebury, the Abby and the Chalice Well. I was sitting in a circle of trees outdoors and the wind created a lot of background noise. My wonderful producer Zack spent WEEKS cleaning it up because he felt the information was useful. I hope you enjoy it. In it I talk about questions. Click here to listen to my podcast.

Here’s where I recorded it:


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