Life is and then we tell ourselves a story about what just happened. The story is seldom audible – it is totally automatic and so much a part of our everyday life that we simply react based on the story. The sad part is we believe we are reacting to life.

When I lived on Oahu I lived right down the road from where they filmed portions of Jurassic Park. It is a wonderful story, beautiful scenery, intense and a wonderful example of how easy it is the get hooked into the illusion of the story.

Day by day we interact with our beliefs, agreements and assumptions thinking we are experiencing life. We aren’t experiencing life at all we are in a shadowy dance with our mind. Once we are fully aware of that we are free to make a different choice.

All of life is emotionally neutral until we add the story. So if you are feeling judgmental about the cruelty you perceive in life realize the cruelty resides totally in your filter system, your mind. Explore what cruelty means symbolically for you. Observe where you may be cruel to yourself or others with your judgment. What role does cruelty play internally in your life? Once you change that role your perception of life will change.

When we throw gasoline on a fire it certainly doesn’t facilitate extinguishing the fire. If we view the world and judge it we are adding more fear to the world. If we want our world to be full of love then we must throw loving thoughts into our world.

In a very real sense there is no out there. What we really see is our projection of inner world. As we clear out our perception we begin to see a wonderful play ground where we can experiment with our beliefs. This universe is a perfect place for us to practice all our imperfections and in the process see our perfection.

Awareness, transformation and intent are three useful keys to clearing out your perspective. In the coming days I will no doubt talk about each of them. If you are in a hurry to find out about them I explain them in my book The Toltec Way.

With love,