We are totally responsible for our experience of reality. Whatever is in our life is there because we invited it. Whatever isn’t in our life isn’t there because we don’t want it there. Those statements seem to fly in the face of our experience. I want peace, but the neighbors are so noisy. I want more money, but I just lost my job because of downsizing. I want freedom, but . . .

One of the many gifts physical reality has to offer is the ability to clearly show us what we have been requesting energetically. There is it is, whatever it is in three-dimensional physical reality.

If we want peace of mind and continue to worry about things then what we really want to experience is worry. We make our choices moment-by-moment, thought-by-thought. We can’t change tomorrow because tomorrow never gets here. By the time it gets here it is today.

Your thoughts generate energy, your emotions are created by your thoughts, and your emotions often drive your actions. Life reflects our habitual thoughts and actions.

Most of our requests are made unconsciously. We send out the constant energy of fear and fear comes back to us. If on the other hand we begin to focus on love and abundance that comes back to us as well.

What do you want to create? Once you decide, make sure you focus all of you thoughts on already having it. And when something shows up that you’d rather not keep, observe how your thinking invited it and change those thoughts.

With love,

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