Is this a safe universe or a hostile one?

Deciding whether this is a safe universe or a hostile one is one of the most profound questions you can answer for yourself. From the perspective of our mind there certainly seems to be ample evidence that this world is unsafe. When viewed from the perspective of our spirit we realize that not only is the universe safe but it is also child proof.

Everything in this universe is made up of energy. Energy can never be destroyed it can only change form. Yes, your body will die but you won’t. When viewed through the eyes of your spirit death isn’t a bad thing it is simply you changing form.

Once we realize this is a safe universe how we see things changes completely. We can step into dominion and have the opportunity to see the gift in every event, every happening, and every moment of our existence.

An event when viewed through the eyes of fear suddenly becomes an incredible opportunity to deepen our ability to love. When we are filled with love we feel expansive and connected. When we are fearful and judgmental we often feel small and disconnected.

As you move through your day notice whether you are seeing the world as loving and supportive or fearful and adversarial. If you absolutely knew in the core of your being this was a safe universe what would you choose to do right now? How would you respond to the events in your life?

With love,
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