There is the world we can see with our eyes and then the world we feel with our heart. When I limit myself to the world of my eyes I cut myself off so many wonderful experiences. If I believe in magic I will experience it and if don’t believe I will never get to see the miracles that occur everyday.

Presently I am in Lithuania. Yesterday one group ended and today another begins. One woman shared she had a fatal disease. She was determined to cure herself and she also has many beliefs that help her to feel safe. I watched her struggle and tenaciously old onto her beliefs. She wasn’t able to surrender and allow the love in. Everyone else was smiling and hugging while she held herself apart, alone with her beliefs and her disease.

When we are willing and able to open our hearts to love the entire universe expands. As we allow ourselves to live in that expanded universe the possibilities become limitless. But to live in that world, we do have to let go of our old beliefs. We have to stop successfully arguing for our limitations. 

Fear creates limitations and love allows them to dissolve. The more we practice unconditional love the less we have the need to suffer. All of suffering comes from our belief that we are separate from the sea of unconditional love that always surrounds us.

The more I let go of my beliefs and live my life from my heart or my spirit the freer I am. I can listen to my mind pontificate about my version of reality or surrender to my heart and see a new world free of limitations. I get to make that choice moment by moment, thought by thought.

Love or fear, freedom or limitations, joy or suffering. My emotional state will let me know what choice I’ve made. The nice thing is I can always choose again.

Choosing love, joy and happiness for the moment,