Everyday we are blessed with the gift of twenty-four hours. We can create heaven or hell, be productive, savor each moment, fill the day with magic and miracles or dread every moment. No matter what is happening around us we get to choose how we respond.

For me a major part of personal freedom is the ability to act rather than react to life. Many years ago a friend told me that time meant:


The ability to act rather than react does take a great deal of practice as well as some discipline and dedication. When I am caught up in my story about life I am not really living life. And it is after all my story that causes me to react.

I love getting e mails from people working with these principles. One of my students recently sent me a story about a relationship that was transformed just by a slight shift in perspective.

When I look at all the war and violence in this world I am reminded that each side thinks they are right and they are willing to kill one another to defend their beliefs.

Peace does begin with you. If you fill up each day with loving thoughts and when you find yourself in turmoil ask yourself, “How can I see this through the eyes of love?” acting instead of reacting will become second nature.

As we move into that heart space of acting from love rather than reacting from fear our lives expand and life becomes so much more magical.

What are you going to fill up your day with today?

With love and aloha,