Today is the most important day in your life. Your future is created by what you do today.

If you aren’t doing anything different today you will get the same results you got yesterday.

If  you aren’t happy with some part of your life what are you going to do differently?

Change can only happen today. When I work with people one of the first things I suggest is creating a daily routine, something you do that is in alignment with what you want.

Tomorrow never gets here, so if you are going to do it tomorrow or later, guess what? It will never happen.

So today make a list of at least three things you will do daily and DO THEM. Start now.

My daily list to stay connected to my spirit is: Meditate, Journal, Read for minutes (currently I’m rereading Napoleon Hills classic Think and Grow Rich), Allow myself to feel connected and loved, and make my To Do list for the day and do it ( I just started Bullet Journaling for that).

I stopped doing my daily things for a while and my life rapidly reflected it.

Today really matters. Don’t short change yourself. Each breath is a gift of life from your spirit. Embrace it and allow yourself to have a life filled with love, joy, abundance and all the richness life has to offer.

As always I love to read your comments.

With love and aloha,