Toltec Tradition: Awareness


Excerpt from The Toltec Way

Awareness is the first of the three Toltec Masteries and is the first stage on the path toward personal freedom. In exploring Awareness, the seeker might want to perceive herself as a student. To be a student, you need only have an open mind and great deal of curiosity.

If you would like to change yourself and the way you live, Awareness is a necessary ingredient and one that continually deepens. As I release my limiting beliefs and assumptions, I become more and more aware of my true nature. Awareness allows me to see the world and myself as they really are rather than how I think they are.

As you explore the various aspects of Awareness, you will begin to understand your inner landscape and life in a completely different manner. As you increase your Awareness of how your life operates, you’ll make different choices and you will be able to create what you want when you want it.

Awareness ~ Transformation ~ Intent ~ Ancient Wisdom  ~ Recapitulation