Toltec Tradition

The Toltec Tradition is a way of life.

Susan Gregg—Toltec spiritual teacher, leading guide in best aware freedom.The Toltec Tradition is an elegant way to realize an awakened life. You are the energy that gives life to your body. At your core you are limitless and an amazing magician that can create anything and everything you want.

The Toltec wisdom is a way of life that offers you the complete freedom to be yourself. The path of change is unique to each of us and I have found that the Toltec tradition can assist each and every person in finding his or her own inner truth, leading to a new way of being.

This way of being, a fully awakened life, can allow you to experience a sense of freedom, totally free from all limitations. The Toltec tradition is a path that can lead you to personal freedom and a life based on love rather than fear. The Toltec tradition, as I teach it, is not merely a bunch of concepts. It is an approach to living – an approach that, if practiced, will undoubtedly change your life completely and truly set you free.

A Bit of History

The Toltec conquered the city of Teotihuacán, around 700 AD. They were a warrior race and they readily embraced the wisdom of the race of people I have come to call the Ancient Ones. They created a secret society within the Teotihuacán civilization dedicated to preserving the knowledge of the “Ancient Ones.”

The Ancient Ones were a race of indigenous people who were recognized as teachers of spirituality, science, and the arts. This secret society embraced the ideals of priestly rule and peaceful behavior for which the city of Teotihuacán was formally known. The apprentices who carried this wisdom forward became known as “men and women of knowledge.”

The illusion we call life

According to the Toltec, the Ancient Ones understood the illusionary nature of reality. They realized that life was limitless and that it was our mind’s perspective of reality that caused all our suffering and limitations.

The Ancient Ones knew all of life was part of a great mystery and that there was no way to separate the secular from the sacred or science from spirit. To a “normal” person, they appeared to be magicians or wizards because they could perform great feats such as healing the sick and affecting the weather. They could also manifest material objects and influence time.

Leading Toltec master—personally tutored under Don Miguel Ruiz.After the Spanish conquest in the late 1500′s, the knowledge became a carefully guarded secret passed that was passed down and subtly altered (like a great family recipe) through various family and community lineages. Today, this information is slowly emerging and being shared more openly.

The Toltec tradition is a wonderful journey, a journey in which you will find your true self and have the opportunity to re-create your life. It is a blueprint for living that shows you how to experience life in a limitless manner. This tradition will show you how to make profound, permanent changes in your life. And the tools will enable you reclaim your ability to create whatever you want, whenever you want it.

My Story

In the early 80′s it wTeotihuakan 559as my good fortune to meet Sister Sarita and Don Miguel Angel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements, a Nagual, and Toltec Master of the Eagle Knight lineage.

Miguel, himself, was still Sarita’s student; I observed first hand his transformation and growth as I pursued my own. They both freely shared their knowledge, love, and wisdom with me. I am extremely grateful that when I completed my apprenticeship, I was told to go and teach in my own way. The gifts I received during the years of my apprenticeship continue to unfold and I share that wisdom through my writings and with my students.

The Toltec Tradition is based upon three masteries: awareness, transformation, and intent. As you explore this site, you will find a great deal of information on how you can apply these masteries to your own life. Applying them and using them on a daily basis is something only you can decide to do for yourself.

To truly transform your life and remove the obstacles that hold you back requires deep, personal introspection. You must be able to see your filter system before you can let it go. Certainly, you can do this on your own, but I have found that once you decide you want to achieve personal freedom, it is helpful to find a guide to assist you. As a Toltec Master, I pride myself on creating a loving and nurturing space that will allow you to go deep within yourself so you can transform your life at the deepest levels.

My ability to love, the freedom I experience, and the wisdom I can access is a direct result of my own apprenticeship. I freely share that love with all of my students and show them how to access that wisdom for themselves. I show my students how to let go of their fear and experience love instead.

Connecting with your limitless nature

Teotihuakan 490Your final destination on the Toltec journey toward personal freedom is a profound awareness of yourself as a divine being. Once you completely align the intent of your small self with the intent of your spirit, magic and miracles become everyday occurrences. You are free to embrace the beautiful light of divinity that lives within everyone and everything.

Life is a dream. The quality of your dream depends upon whether your mind or your spirit is in control of your life. The Toltec Way is a wonderful journey in which you will find yourself and learn how to be happy no matter what is happening in your life. Freedom is a way of life well worth all the effort it requires.

If I can be of assistance in your journey, please let me know. For more information about the apprentice program click here.



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Awareness ~ Transformation ~ Intent ~ Ancient Wisdom  ~ Recapitulation

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Susan Gregg is a Toltec master spiritual teacher and guide who studied under the master teacher and breakthrough Toltec wisdom teacher Don Miguel Ruiz in his early years. This was before he published his best selling book. Join Susan for a Toltec tradition awakening journey that leads to conscious awareness and freedom.

People at a very important point in their life enter into the search for the tradition, path or school they feel will be the best in leading them to an awakening of life, intellect and spirit. They are seeking awakening across all expressions of self. If you’ve explored a few (or many) avenues of spirituality and feel you’re ready to deeply study the Toltec school, then please contact Susan. Or if you are just starting to examine the many spiritual paths (self-help psychologies as well) available and you have decided to study the Toltec teachings under an experienced, in-depth teacher, then please call Susan. Toltec tradition spiritual master Susan Gregg richly shares with engaged individuals and students an intimate expression of growth and insight. She provides gentle and encompassing guidance towards bliss joy, unconditional love, and freedom from the many life illusions we become ensnared in. As a Toltec master trained in the direct lineage of these wisdom teachings, Susan brings to students, followers and interested women and men a rare presence and ability to convey these teachings in engaging, catalyzing ways.