I am so grateful that when I studied with Don Miguel and Sister Sarita the time came that I was done, they told me my job was to go and teach in my own way. They told me a big part of the process would be to ‘catch the energy’ and find the truth for myself.

The Toltec tradition is usual taught based on the premise that this is a predatory, hostile universe. I even had Victor Sanchez e mail me to tell me I wasn’t teaching correctly because I don’t believe in a fear driven, predatory universe. He said I was lying to my students. I was flattered he felt the need to e mail me!

I was taught to journey to other universes and do all that trippy Nagual stuff. There was something about the fear based, predatory universe and the need to be a warrior that never resonated for me.

When I let go of my beliefs and just experience the energy directly all I experienced was pure, unconditional, expansive, limitless love. So eventually, I realized the Eagle wasn’t anything to fear or resist because at the moment of one’s death we have the opportunity to become the Eagle and release our small, limited self.

I so often see people use the Toltec tradition as an excuse to distort the concept of being responsible into a judgmental fault feast. It saddens me when I see someone use these marvelous teachings to deny their humanity and cease having compassion and love. I find it takes far more courage to live from a place of dominion, love and compassion than it does to be a warrior.

Once again I have found that we have two choices: love or fear. The most important question I ever answered for myself was, “Is this a safe universe or a hostile, predatory one?”¬† Depending on my answer I create a totally different reality and live in an entirely different universe.

This is part of a private message I got about my post about losing Dale. To me it is the epitome of a tweaked version of the Toltec tradition that I sadly see so many people embrace.

No offense, but placing the chicken within an unsecure dog-proof environment which was subject to the canine’s natural ways was not wise action. The “Toltec” way would have you accepting responsibility for your actions, not forming bad thoughts upon a dog being a dog. Would we blame the sky for getting us wet if it rains?

And, perhaps, although your mental perception of Dale was that of a cute and sentimental chicken pet, healing and close to you, once again we must remember what the Toltec, and natural way of life, would lead us to think; we need to acknowledge that perhaps the chicken was actually in pain and suffering, and your neighbor’s dog might just have been an angel of mercy. To think otherwise with a false certainty would be “assuming.”

This person, in my opinion is using the Toltec tradition in a way that certainly wouldn’t add to the quality of my life. Traditionally the Toltec wisdom was based on domination and fear. I teach about dominion where there are no bad thoughts, just thoughts that are either expansive or contracting. The way I teach and live the Toltec tradition¬† allows me to deepen my capacity to love and have compassion. It also allows me to see responsibility from a more expansive place that is free of judgment and fault.

I have found love and compassion expands my humanity and is a direct conduit to personal freedom. The predatory, fear based stuff just keeps me stuck on the same old merry go round. Okay I will get off my soap box now!

I highly suggest you explore your own beliefs about whether you think this is a predatory universe or a safe and loving one.

With love and aloha,