I have a quote on my web site by Basho that says, Seek not to follow in the footsteps of the men of old, seek instead what they sought. If any tradition or religion had ‘the answer’ we would be living in the solution.

There is no such things as ‘the truth’ or ‘the answer’ it is all relative. In a profound sense there is no out there – the out there we seek lies within. It is only when we connect with our own inner wisdom, moment by moment that we experience our limitless nature. Yet we spend some much time searching for the answers outside of ourselves.
When my book The Toltec Way came out a radio interviewer asked me what I could possible find useful in the Toltec Tradition. The History channel had just aired a documentary about the Toltec in which they talked about their custom of killing babies and eating their brains. He wanted to know how I could find anything spiritual about a race that ate babies.

I was glad I had seen the special or I wouldn’t have known what he was talking about. For years I have I talked about the wisdom that came from a race of people I call the Ancient Ones, a race of people that predated the Toltec. When I began studying with my Hawaiian Aunty she talked about the same thing. She teaches about ancient Hawaiian spirituality, a wisdom that predates the Tahitian invasion.

The wisdom that we seek comes from a deep and abiding connection with our spirit. It isn’t about following any tradition – it is about creating a direct connection for yourself that helps you remain in the moment, connected with your limitless nature.

So what you can you do on a regular basis to deepen your connection with your spiritual essence? The Toltec tradition is rich in tools that will help you deepen your connect.

Some of the things that I fond useful are:

Journaling – tracking your thoughts
Observing your filter system with the willingness to let it go

With love,

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