I arrived in Peru late last night. Before I left I did my usual, “I hate traveling” rant. While I was traveling I had some insights about my ‘hate traveling’ creation and next time I travel I will make new choices.

I know that everything in my life is my creation and that out there has very little, if anything to do with my experience. It was interesting to see how easily I forgot that and for a few days actually believed traveling was the problem.

Often change is really a matter of finding the actual cause of our distress, our beliefs and changing that as well as our intent. I realized that if my intent is to experience peace of mind and ease then when I travel I have to prepare in a different manner.

Our mind/filter system works on the premise that it needs to be right and remain the same. Our happiness is often a matter of ‘seeing’ life in a new, more expansive manner. I’ve decided next time I travel I will allow myself to have a day of rest the day before I leave rather than have that last day home as a crunch day.

When I look at what is in my life I can easily see my actual intent. If I want to get different results I have to change my intent.

As you look at your life what has your intent been and will that allow you to get the results you want?

With love and aloha,