As I write this post I hear lines from the Wizard of Oz, “Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!” running through my mind. I love that movie!

Yesterday several readers were kind enough to promptly tell me that they had received warnings when they opened my site. So I immediately contacted my web magician Zack who took down the site and fixed the problem.

I used to do live, on-line chats at James Van Praagh’s site. It was a wonderful opportunity for people to gather and support one another on their spiritual journey. Many of them had just experienced the loss of a loved one and it was a wonderful place to move beyond the grief.

Someone hacked his site and he had to shut down the chat rooms for a while. If the people that take the time to do that sort of thing used all that energy in a loving and productive way what magic they could create in their lives and the lives of others.

It is amazing the kind of world fear creates and the magical world love can create. So my site is once again secure and I will continue to share Toltec wisdom and the gift of aloha from ancient Hawaiian spirituality.

An exercise you might find useful is to look at the petty tyrants in your life and ask for the willingness to see them through the eyes of love. Petty tyrants are our greatest teachers. They are people, places and things that annoy us and allow us to engage our filter system. Once we see our part in the creation they either leave or stay but either way they no longer bother us. We are free to stay centered and act rather than react.

With love and aloha,