Yesterday we had 20 earthquakes here on the Big Island of Hawaii and a tsunami showed up in the wee hours. It was quite a day. Madame Pele has suddenly gone quiet, not a drop of lava flowing anywhere after putting on a show for weeks with 100 foot fountains of liquid lava and exploding calderas. The images from the past week or so are amazing.

The theories about current events

I have gotten emails about magnetic shifts, God punishing humanity and a lot of ‘I hope you are okay messages.’ My theory about life is it just is and what matters to me is what I do with what is. When the first earthquake woke me up the news was on and I found myself watching images of the earthquake in Japan. My first thought was to pray and call upon the angels. I know they were already there helping out but a burst of extra love couldn’t hurt.

I emailed the people I work with in Japan and other than being tired (they couldn’t go home because the subway wasn’t  running) they were all fine. Why is all this happening? Because it is. To me the why is irrelevant. What matters is what I do and the energy I project out into my world. I was so happy my first thought upon awakening was to send love instead of becoming fearful, judgmental or anger.

Love or fear

I often tell my students understanding is the booby prize. Focusing on why and trying to understand the reasons things happened seldom helps us open our heart, deepen our connecting with our spirit or love more. Why questions are often futile attempts to avoid our fear and a desire to control life so we feel safer.

Questions like:

How can I see this through the eyes of the angels and love?
What would love do?
How can I be of service?

These question help me deepen my connection to my spirit, add love to the planet and I am better able to see the perfection in everything. I hope you will join me in sending love to the earth, Japan and all the people affected by this event. Imagine love and light flooding the area and say a prayer for everyone’s deepening connection to their spirit and emotional and physical healing.

Life is an awesome adventure, best savored in the moment.

With love and aloha,