One of the things I love about the Toltec tradition is the concept that the world is a vast energy system. Once I started to realize my life was based on energy I learned how to modify my internal emotional state so I could change my experience of life.

Right now the movie the Secret is all the rage. In essence it describes the universe as a huge Genie, another way of saying the world is a vast energy system. Whatever you ask for you do receive. The universe never says no to a request.

The only catch is we ask the universe based on our filter system. Everything that is in your life is there by invitation – everything that isn’t in your life isn’t there because you haven’t invited it yet. When I first realized that I was very angry – you mean I created all the hardship in my life. Based on my beliefs, agreements and assumptions I certainly did. Did I say to myself, “Gee I think I’ll make life as hard as possible?” Of course not, but my beliefs did demand that.

Taking the time to tune in to yourself, really listen to what you are saying. I get lots of e mails and when I read them I can often see people arguing for their limitations. I find writing and then reading what I’ve written with an open mind is a wonderful way to see my beliefs. Take sometime to write about the areas of your life you would like to change.

I find it really useful to write and write until I feel done. Then put it away for a day or so and then summarize what I wrote. I do that several times until I can see my beliefs. Once I admitted to myself that the results I get in my life reflect my filter system I became much more willing to look at my beliefs and change them.

You do get what you ask for so make sure you ask for what you want. Your beliefs create a certain energy state so change the belief and you change the energy.

With the energy of love,

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