Think about the energy of resistance. How does that feel in your body? Now think about the energy of ease. How does that feel? We are energy beings living in a complex energy system we call physical reality. We are constantly broadcasting energy, sending and receiving, and in the process calling forth our experience of reality.

If we want to have a different experience of something in our life we must transform the energy we are surrounding ourselves with. That doesn’t necessarily mean changing ‘out there,’ but it does require us to change the way we think, act and feel internally. Once we do that ‘out there’ generally changes as well.

Love can be an emotionally loaded word. Often what we call love is conditional. In an intimate relationship it is often expressed as I will love you as long as you act in a certain way if you don’t I will withdraw my love. Love can be defined in so many different ways. Unconditional love may be something we aspire toward, but realistically how often do we achieve it?

The basic building blocks of our universe, that energy of creation, that pure energy we use to manifest this reality can be describe in many ways: expansive, gentle, powerful, loving, accepting, nonjudgmental, limitless, infinite, eternal and it can be named. At times that energy is referred to as God or any one of hundreds of other names.

If we want to change our experience we must change the energy we broadcast. If we judge where we are it makes it more difficult to move forward. On the other hand if we unconditionally accept where we are and who we think we are freedom and movement become much more available.

Next time you are interacting with one of your issues surround it with unconditional acceptance. As we move into the energy of unconditional acceptance we align ourselves more closely with that energy of creation. Life is a constant opportunity to align ourselves with our small self, our filter system, and our limitations or to connect with our spirit and our limitless nature.

Play with the energy of unconditional acceptance and see where it takes you. Practice unconditional acceptance for the world and everyone in it – doing that will surely move you toward a deeper understanding of your true nature, pure love and the divine.

With love,

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