As most Christian holydays St. Valentine’s Day has ancient roots as well. This was a time of purification and a day in which mates were chosen for the coming year. It is shortly after Imbolc when in the mythical cycle of the goddess she returns to earth as a young girl. The sun is returning and the earth is getting ready for spring.

I wasn’t a very popular kid in grade school. I remember going to school and giving out Valentine’s cards to all my little friends. At the end of the day we would compare who had the most cards. Funny how a day meant to celebrate love can turn into a competition that leaves some people feeling lacking.

I used to have a bumper sticker that said “Commit Random Acts of Kindness and Senseless Beauty.” I was watching a young couple buying a box of Valentine cards for one of their children and I thought about buying a box and randomly placing them on people’s windshields.

What would happen if everyday became a celebration of love? My Aunty talk about living aloha – living love. What if for a day you changed all your thoughts into love? What if you purposely spent sometime just radiating love to your world and allowed love to melt away any judgments?

In the Toltec Tradition there is a powerful tool called recapitulation. (You can find an explanation of it on my website at
It is a way of using the breath to let go of the past. I think of it is as a way to melt away all of my old, limiting belies that stop me from experiencing my divinity and seeing the divine in everyone and every thing around me.

Love is always the answer especially when we love that which we would normally judge. Make every day a happy love day!

With lots of love and aloha,

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