What is it you want? If you want to be loved then love yourself and others – be loving. If you want freedom allow yourself to feel freedom and then make your choices from that sense of freedom. Allow yourself to be whatever it is you want.

The world is a vast energy system and if we do allow ourselves to be what we want – what we want shows up a lot faster. You are constantly broadcasting energy. If you broadcast the energy of ‘want’ you will get back the desire to want something, but if you broadcast the energy of having what you want you will have it.

A wonderful analogy is music on the radio. If you want to listen to jazz, tune into a jazz station. If you consistently tune into a heavy metal station expecting to hear jazz you will be disappointed.

Get clear about what you want then tune into that station. Feel yourself having what you want and it will be yours. The universe always gives us exactly what we ask for it is just that what we ask for is consistent with our filter system which is not necessarily what we would like to have.

With love,

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