I am in the process of getting my garden ready to replant. Here in Hawaii keeping the jungle at bay takes a lot of work. Getting things like roses to grow takes a lot of patience, nurturing and care. I found out roses like warmth so I built several small stone walls behind my rose bushes and they are doing quite well. I enjoy watching the leaves turn from red to green as the branches grow. Then small buds emerge, slowly swelling and eventually become beautiful, fragrant roses. I am always amazed that such thorny plants can yield such beautiful flowers.

Life is a lot like that. Some of the roughest experiences can create the most freedom and joy in our lives when we are willing to use them as an opportunity to let go of our limiting thinking. When I pick my roses I often wind up with a bloody finger, but once they are in the vase sitting next to my computer I get to smell their lovely fragrance.

The Secret and the Law of Attraction are still buzzing around the self help and spiritual communities. They have been around since before time, but finally they got packaged in a palatable manner. I have no idea how long roses have been around. Not too long ago commercial growers created roses that would ship well and last a bit longer but they no longer smelled like roses.

Sometimes we think, “When I get ____________, then I will be happy.” But when it shows up we still aren’t happy. I often tell my students to pretend there is no out there. Out there can only impact us if we allow it. The events happening in life are emotionally neutral until we tell ourselves a story. Once you really internalize that concept there is an incredible amount of freedom. You no longer have to change anyone or anything. All you have to do is modify your internal dialog. Very simple but not very easy. It does take practice.

I look around at all the exotic flowers around my home. When I lived in Vermont they were rare and expensive. But since I changed my internal dialog and made certain choices they are now readily available. Of course I moved 6000 miles and planted the plants, nurtured them and when they bloomed took the time to pick the flowers and bring them into my home.

So now as I get ready to plant my vegetable garden I am whacking back the jungle, putting down weed block and mulching the area. Then when I plant my seeds I will easily be able to tend my garden.

What beliefs could you whack back and mulch to allow yourself to be happy? What seeds do you want to plant? What choices can you make so you too can live the life of your dreams?

My web magician Zack just made three of my classes available digitally so you can download them. In them I share all of my gardening secrets for creating a life beyond your wildest dreams. You might want to check them out.

With love and aloha,