532264440So much has changed over the past month. People keep talking about when life will go back to normal but what is normal?

I’d like to see more love. Caring for each other and the planet would be a nice normal for me. What about you? What would you most like to see?

We collect rainwater as our water source. When I first moved to the Big Island I was a bit overwhelmed maintaining the catchment system but fast forward 17 years and it is just a natural part of life.

Imagine my surprise when a few days ago I turned on the faucet and only had the tiniest of trickles of water. After much playing with this and that we found that the pump had broken. I called around and was shocked to find that a replacement was well over a thousand dollars!

Bea saves everything, so she found the manual, did some trouble shooting and hopefully got the right part. We’ll find out later today when we put the part in.

I can’t tell you how many times I have turned on the faucet expecting water to gush out. Taking a shower everyday is something I’ve grown very used to doing. The past few nights I’ve had to (slowly) fill up a bucket, heat some water and wash up using an old yogurt container to pour water over myself.

When the water is again flowing enjoying a long, hot shower will be a pleasure. It may be a while before I once again take running water for granted.

This adventure has been a wonderful invitation to deepen my appreciation of what is even if running water isn’t part of my ‘is’ right now.

Gratitude is an amazing gift, or at least it can be.  We do create our experience of reality. And we do invite people and places into our life as well.  Those invitations can be loved based or fear based the results are very different.

Over the years I’ve taught myself and thousands of others to send out invitations of love, gratitude, happiness and ease. My reality is so different now.

Have an amazing day!

With lots of love, smiles and aloha,

PS. The part worked, the pump is humming and water is flowing. I savored every moment of my shower.
PPS. The pump is only working occasionally now – alas but at least it came on again in time for my shower last night! I’ll keep you updated.So far so good today!!!