Webinar: Using Disappointment and Fear to Create Happiness

The election – now what????

I have gotten numerous emails from people in shock and fear after the election here in the US. In this webinar I’ll talk about how to use everything, even the recent election to vastly improve the quality of your life. This outcome really can become a gift in your life.
This webinar is my first live video webinar and it will give you lots of food for thought and tools. If all goes well there will be a chat box where you can ask questions. So please join me and bring your friends!

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Your birthright really is to be happy, joyous, free, feel loved and . . . well have all your dreams come true. You REALLY can. We just get so caught up in life we forget. Isn’t it time to remember and become the magician in your life?

It is simple – just a matter of re-membering who and what you really are, aligning with the limitless being you always have been.

Join me for a 4 week class beginning in December and learn how to create whatever you want. You can use anything, even an emotionally charged thing like the recent election to create joy. And it will be a wonderful opportunity to decide what 2017 will be full of for you!

Details will be coming soon.